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iPhone Xs Max Features

When Apple releases the iOS 12 update they never forgot to release their latest inventions with this latest update. So with the new iOS 12 release, Apple introduced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple watch series four. Now those iDevices available in public those versions includes latest facilities with the iOS 12. So users more and more interested in those latest iDevices and what are the most interesting features of iPhone XS Max device rather than other devices?

More on Download Cydia iPhone Xs max with iOS 12

Apple iPhone XS Max smartphone now available to the public for millions of Apple users. It was launched in the September 2018. This is the most expensive idevice and the used technology and the higher developed features increase the value a double. The phone comes with a 6.5 -inch touchscreen display and it was designed with a higher resolution 1242 pixels * 2688 pixels and PPI of 458. Normally here Apple used the hexa-core processor for powered the iPhone Max and it packs 64GB of internal storage. And the more developed camera 12-megapixel (f/1.8, 1.4-micron) + 12-megapixel (f/2.4) and a 7-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

iPhone Xs Max with iOS 12 Download

However, this iPhone XS max was released with iOS 12. So you know that this new iOS 12 released with thousands of facilities such as improves features, functions with latest released one. So the iPhone with iOS 12 make the Apple user more comfortable and the iOS 12 could able to increase the performances of the iDevice. So then according to the user desire, it allows managing jailbreak iOS 12 and download Cydia iOS 12.

When we jailbreak the iOS then, we can increase the performances of the iPhone and it allows root access. So then we can download external apps, tweaks, games, and themes that the default Apple does not support. Because of this iOS jailbreak, we can download Cydia too.

iPhone Xs Max Features

iPhone XS Max internals mostly identical for iPhone XS. physically we can identify them by the size. iPhone the latest XS Max larger than XS. when we talk about the Max device, there are some interesting newbie features as well. Those are,

  • It includes a 12-megapixel camera
  • Better-sounding speakers
  • Ability to pack two SIM cards into one device
  • A solid perk for international travelers
  • Includes new A12 bionic chip, w
  • Faster and improved Face ID
  • Games load in faster
  • Gorgeous OLED screens
  • Battery life is also improved

Those are some elegant features. In fact, there are hundred and more. So if you use this latest Apple release then you can make your daily activities more comfortable without failing with buffering or sufferings.

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CydiaPro Semi Jailbreak tool for iPhone XS Max

CydiaPro online semi jailbreak tool now successfully updated for download Cydia iOS 12. So now you can use this CydiaPro online Semi Jailbreak tool via online for Cydia download iOS 12 with the latest iPhone XS Max. Sounds cool, it means yes, you are lucky as this latest benefit. So try this CydiaPro semi jailbreak tool to make your latest iPhone XS Max a wonderful one with thousands of facilities, features and freedom without jailbreak iOS 12.

How to use CydiaPro Semi jailbreak tool for iPhone XS Max?

If you are an iPhone XS Max user then this strongly affect and value for you. In fact, not only for those iPhone XS Max users, if you interested with this iPhone then this guide “CydiaPro Semi jailbreak tool for iPhone XS Max” always suitable for you. So now how to manage this CydiaPro with your iPhone XS Max? There is nothing else new. The process is same as earlier iDevices and you have to run the CydiaPro tool in an online environment. Then it will semi jailbreak your iPhone XS Max for download Cydia iOS 12. CydiaPro Semi Jailbreak tool for iPhone XS Max is the best solution right now. In fact, this is the most available solution for jailbreak iOS 12 and download Cydia iOS 12.

If you interested with this CydiaPro Semi Jailbreak tool for iPhone XS Max then follow the steps for a reliable Cydia installer.

  • Step A. Here you have to select the official CydiaPro website. You can use Safari web browser using your iPhone XS Max. But keep in touch with your network connection as this is an online process.
  • Step B. When you visit the official CydiaPro website you can see the all the released details on CydiaPro. Then below that, you can see Cydia download button.
  • Step C. Now click on “CydiaPro Download” to start the download Cydia process.
  • Step D. When you allow Cydia download, then the CydiaPro Semi Jailbreak tool start run and then it semi jailbreak the iOS 12. Then it checks your device current version. Then automatically, it selects the most suitable Cydia version for your iOS.
  • Step E. Now it starts the installation process. This takes a few seconds and it’s about 20-30 seconds to complete the Cydia installation process.
  • Step F. After the installation, there will appear a wizard and select “Allow” to open Cydia iOS 12 with your iPhone XS Max. Now Cydia opens with your device settings. So Cydia icon on your iPhone XS Max home screen.

Simple now using this CydiaPro Semi Jailbreak tool users can successfully semi jailbreak the iOS 12 and download  Cydia bundles for your iPhone XS Max. Then users can enjoy thousands of apps, tweaks, games, and themes within their latest iOS 12 running iPhone XS Max.

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